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Sometimes I Just Don't Know...

What the hell did I wake up to? Stumbled into the bathroom, went about my business, and suddenly I heard Naomi sobbing in her room for some reason, then Mom said something, then Naomi responded. All I heard was a couple words and phrases, along the lines of "funeral" and "she just won't care ... a terrible person". Then another bit about how she doesn't want to bike to school with "them" anymore, and how it's the most awful feeling walking in there (I'm assuming school) and having no one to greet you :s

So as much as I'd like to find out more about whatever the problem is, there's also this strange "stay the hell away" feeling about the whole thing.

So yeah. I'm just getting up, and Mom just took off to pick Adam up. Had another largely unexplainable dream, that involved a courthouse setting of some sort, with a whole bunch of little cameras that took pictures of you ask you walked by. I was walking back and forth quite a bit, at one point even doing so while naked (I'd really like to know too), and figured that to be slightly embarrassing even. Surely someone would look through the pictures eventually, and notice that there were a whole bunch more of me compared to the other people. Anyways, it eventually came to the point where there was a little fingerprint scanner of sorts that, when you walked up to, a picture would be taken, and after you touched, another picture would be taken. Yeah. So I walked up to and touched the thing a good 6 or 7 times, on the final time musing that it couldn't be actually scanning your fingerprint, and instead just checking for the presence of a finger in general.

But for whatever reason, that time when I touched it, a little pad sort of thing that looked sort of like the PIN pads at work do, except with the screen made bigger, effectively covering the buttons flipped out, with some sort of question on it. Answered that without too much difficulty (I have a feeling it was something about general information, such as your name), then the second one came up on the screen, consisting of a single word: "telemarketers". I'm sure of that, because I was quite amused about how the length of the word caused it to cover pretty much the whole screen, leaving you no space to write. There were also a couple random squiggly lines next to it, which seemed to have something to do with the answer, because their position changed with the passing of time.

At that point though, the alarm on my DS started going off, so I had to get up.

And isn't this wonderful. The one night I don't want to go out and get supper anywhere it's self-serve. Yet another perfect example of irony.

So, work at 8 tonight, probably with Mark and Steve, then same time tomorrow, and then Thursday off. I'm especially looking forward to Friday and Saturday, for the sole reason that I start at 8, and am scheduled to leave at 3. I wish I could put my finger on it, but there's something gratifying, even, about getting to go home while everything else is still in full swing. Then again, I know Josh is working at least one of those nights, and it wouldn't come as a complete surprise if he were to ask me to stay and help. We'll have to see though.

And that's one last worrisome thing. As far as I know, I still am looking after their (Sheila and Josh) dogs when they go away next month or whenever it is, but aside from that one time she asked me a while back, nothing else has been said about it. I'd hope she hasn't forgotten though (one wouldn't think so, at least), so I suppose I'll just wait for now...

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