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Floor's Cleaner Now :3

I had dishes to do upon getting home from work tonight, and I just finished them. However, I had to drain one of the sinks and fill it back up again to do the last couple dishes, and while it was filling up, I decided to check a couple things on my laptop, seeing as I already had it in the kitchen to listen to music. When I looked back over at the sink, it was just going up and over the top~

So several trips out the front door to wring out the mop and back, the floor's still damp, but it's much better than it was :p

And as for work, nothing really of mention, aside from that we've started advertising the Cheesy Gordita Crunch again, leading to me having to make at least 20 of the things in one night. Not fun. Well, also, in an unfortunate bit of timing, managed to walk 'round the corner to the middle while Mark was doing something unmentionable with the little covers to the eye cleaning parts of one of the sinks. Ange was doing something or other amusing as well, and between the two, I managed to laugh so hard pop came out my nose. Pepsi, specifically.

Switched a shift with Jess as well, so I'm now going to work 8-3 this Thursday, and she's going to work 8-3 on Monday for me. I may not, at present, be able to do what I want with those nights, but by God, they're alot less annoying at home~ And that's also setting aside that an 8-3 shift on a Monday is an actual closing shift, but the same thing on a Thursday would see me leaving earlier than the rest of them, and I believe I've gone over why I like that before.

And before I forget, a single word I need to remember: Lipoma. I know what they're called now. Of course, according to everyone else that's said anything about them, they're "cancer". If they were, I'd be long dead by now :p Still unsettling things though, numbering 13 last time I counted :x

I'm definitely going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow though (hopefully to finish the P2P receipting), so I should get to bed as soon as possible.

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