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Not good. Despite going to bed at 4:30, I didn't actually get to sleep 'till ~6, and even then, it was a very broken up sleep, most likely because of how warm it was. So I was originally thinking of possibly staying 'till 5 at Heart and Stroke today, depending on how much I had left to do when 4 rolled around, but I don't think I will be now. Rather, come home grab a couple less-thick sheets, and try to go back to sleep 'till 7 or so.

The van is nowhere to be seen right now though, but meh. To walk there would probably do me good. Getting a ride would be more convenient, but it does look nice outside, so yeah :p

... what the hell is with this computer down here. I swear it prompts me at least once a day to update Zonealarm, but I click the "Update" button, and nothing happens. Perhaps that's one of the options you have to pay for~ So much accumulated junk on it (the computer) though. For example, there's a folder in the start menu labeled "Sonic Games". A while back, I downloaded all the "user submitted" games off a particular website (can't remember the name) for Adam, and he played them for a good while, but then, in an effort to make things tidier, I moved all of them into one folder in "Program Files", and then put all the shortcuts in one folder in the start menu, as I already said. Ever since I did that, he's had little to no interest in touching them again, but when I ask him if there's any point to keeping the things, he says "Yeah. Don't delete them." And there's also a who-knows-how-many GB folder in "My Documents" that can, and for my safety, should be deleted, seeing as I've already got backups of it on both my external hard drives. Then there's also probably 20 other games at least that can be uninstalled, but I always seem to convince myself that I'll play them again, and yeah.

It's 12:50 though, so it's time to write a short, angry note for Mom and Dad, then head out :3