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Good God. I want to reach through the radio and strangle this guy. They've had some Christian radio station on since I got here, and there's someone on it preaching about good and evil or somesuch (which is laughable in itself), then going on to say something about "Life is only temporary". If that's the case, then why is he wasting his time trying to convince us that he's right? Such is one of the main reasons I'm glad I don't go to church anymore :s

... they've gone back to playing music now. Good. I was starting to actually argue with him, and I'm sure one of the other people in here could hear me as well :3

But yeah. As the subject line says, P2P receipting is now almost done, but I'm not going to finish it today. These last ~20 records are an absolute mess. For the most part, just because they've been distributed to the Chatham office in one big chunk, which to fix, involves deleting them, and redistributing the receipts *around* the one(s) I need to get to. I notice they only have one person in on Friday, so stopping in just for an hour or so to fix the rest of it up might be something to think about.

And one other point of interest: I believe I'm getting a cold again. Wonderful~

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