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One of Those Nights

So I'm almost certain this cold or whatever it is I have has something to do with how warm it is outside. Then again, I've been sitting here since 3 (well, not just sitting), with Kleenex stuffed up my nose so it'd stop running. Currently it's the left nostril mostly, but knowing it, I'll go to bed soon enough, wake up later on, and the left'll be runny instead. That's a problem considering later tonight though. I have to work from 8 - 3, and it's me, Steve, and Mark again, so Steve will probably be on line instead, because I was tonight, and normally I'd opt to be on drive through in this situation, but now that it's almost as, if not as warmer outside as it is inside, it'll suck no matter what I'm on. But drive through would be the better choice, not only for the "fair rotation" reason, but also because it'd really be irresponsible of both Mark and me, should I end up having to do line tomorrow night.

And there's no chance I will either, for a different reason. Tonight was ridiculously frustrating. From 8 - 10, the orders were annoyingly steady. Not too large for the most part, but one would come in, I'd make it, and have everything pretty much done, then someone would walk into the dining room, and once I was just about finished making their order, a car would pull up in drive through, and so on. And I was also on line by myself for all but ~10 minutes of those two hours, so yeah. I was not at all pleased. We got out of there at quarter to though, and Steve did stay to help (even though he was supposed to be done at 2), so yeah.

Other thing of mention is Guitar Hero II. Still can't beat Jordan on Expert, but I can get 2% farther than before, bringing it up to 52%. Woo. One thing I notice that might help with the really fast parts also helps with the beginning - hold both buttons down (in the case of the start of the song, green and yellow), and when you're required to play a yellow note, strum with both buttons still held down, but when it's green instead, just let go of the yellow button. Yay complication. If you've ever played the game yourself, that'd probably make a bit more sense, but otherwise, no :p Oh, and Institutionalized is awesome on Expert :3

... wow. I can't believe how light it is out for it only being 6:30 :o It's definitely going to be hot today :\

Meh. Have one more thing to take care of down here, then I might as well be off to bed~

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