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Something about this is quite irritating. Yeah, the graph is as accurate as possible, as far as we know, but there are a couple problems with it.

1) "windowblinds" is not necessarily limited to that particular program. Hell, the 5th result down the page when searching for that term is a site that deals with actual window blinds. So first of all, it's wrong of them to assume that all those results are just for pages dealing with their program, or people searching for it. Yeah, the ratio of people searching for the program as opposed to the actual thing is probably something like 10:1, but still.

2) msstyles? Show me one person that actually uses that word regularly. "visual styles" seems much more appropriate, if still admittedly less popular than "windowblinds", but looking here, people were searching for that term long before December of 2003 or so.

Of course, I am rather biased, because I don't particularly *like* Stardock, but that's another problem entirely :p

And an observation now: it is hot outside. Something like 31 degrees according to the weather report on the way back. But then there's supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow <3 I don't know though. I'm scheduled to start at 8, but I've been thinking it might be in my favor to call them and say I won't be in 'till 9, because that way, I'll have a ride, and also, if it is raining, I won't have to worry about getting wet :>

As well, Josh is the closing manager tomorrow night. Despite that I'm there 'till 3, someone else leaves at 4 (I think Steve), and then they still have three people afterwards to actually close with, it wouldn't surprise me if he asks me to stay. Feh. This could work out in my favor, actually. Both Friday and Saturday I'm supposed to be done at 3, so one of those nights, if I get asked to stay, I'll say "Yeah, sure", on the condition that the other day I work, I'll be leaving at 3, no questions asked.

Tonight's definitely going to suck, mostly because of the heat, but also because I might very well be staying 'till close. Like I told Mark last night though, if everything's done at 3 (line's pretty much taken down and cleaned up, floors are clean, everything's restocked, and the dishes are done), then I'm leaving at 3, but should there still be things that need doing then, I will stay. They've only scheduled us with 3 people tonight, once again, and even though me and Mark have gotten screwed over before, and had to do the actual closing stuff with just the two of us, I know it sucked, and I doubt I could bring myself to do it to them :p

But for now it's time to go kick Adam off the computer downstairs and find something to have for supper. I really don't want hotdogs, and I did get a box of pizza pockets while we were out grocery shopping earlier, so there's at least one idea :3

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