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Not Looking Good

Despite having been (or maybe directly because of) looking forward to there being a thunderstorm today, there's been nothing. At least that I know of. It's quite windy out though, which is the part that's not looking good. If I end up getting halfway to work, and it starts to rain, we're going to have problems. Not *extreme* problems, because I'll have my uniform in a bag, and thus, at very worst, my hat will get slightly wet, but yeah.

It's 5:30 right now. I plan on leaving the house at 7, having a small snack once I get there (nachos and cheese and a meximelt or something), working, getting done at 3, then actually getting something more to eat then. Or just coming home and have something. Dunno quite yet.

And now,

Once again, I wish I could explain this.

The setting was some sort of parade. In the parade, was a particular float. To be specific, a furry float. Strange thing about it was some people (if that could be considered the proper word) on it were wearing fursuits, while others weren't, as you'd expect, but all the heads of those that actually were, were yellow :s I don't mean *all* yellow, but rather just the "main" parts. I was wearing one of my tails as well (the one that, interestingly enough, has been sitting out in the open in my room for the better part of a week, without so much as a word being said), but did not have a yellow head :p Looked up across from me, and saw someone who I could swear was John, but the setting quickly changed after that.

I was back in my room again, doing stuff on my laptop, when I somehow managed to make a copy of the little button to set your status as away in Trillian, and put it on my desktop :s Wondered about that for a couple seconds, but not before someone started talking to me on it. It was John. In the span of about two seconds, he'd said several paragraphs worth of stuff (one bit of it was something about being the only one to get jumped on the way home from the parade :\), and I went to type "Wait", so I could get into a more comfortable position, but instead just ended up typing a bunch of random stuff.

I got up and out of bed for some reason after that, went downstairs, and glanced at the paper, noticing that they had an article in it about the parade. That particular float, as well. The caption was something along the lines of "Seeing Yellow?", because they'd taken a picture of everyone with a yellow head :p Quickly scanned the article after that, to see if they so much as mentioned the word "furry", but was rather disappointed to find out that they didn't, and woke up shortly after that.

And yeah. Just got a phone call from the bank again, that was apparently just to ask some questions and see if there was anything else they could improve on. Once again, they pulled the little "Based on your answers I'm pleased to tell you of this offer", and I just went through with it this time. I figure I don't particularly need one, but should the situation ever come up where I haven't any other means of getting at my money, it could come in useful.

Time for supper now~

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