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And I Thought it was Over

Earlier on tonight, I was talking with Manoah on line, and he said something about how he hadn't asked me about my "girlfriend" in a while. Then Josh comes out of nowhere, and together, they kept guessing names, because they couldn't remember the proper one, then finally Josh said "I remember! It's Crystal!" Cue the usual questions after that, but I got tired of them pretty quickly, so I looked Manoah dead in the eye and asked him "Haven't you checked your emails yet?" For what it's worth, here's what I sent him originally:

I have just one question to ask you first: this whole thing has been going on for, well, a year (at least). Do you truly believe I've been hiding something this whole time?

Well, that doesn't really matter now :p

Remember what I told you when you got to asking me about it the night after Josh and Kevin overheard you? That I'd said what I did only so you guys would stop *ahem* bothering me? Things haven't changed since then. Well, that is to say they have, but in a mostly unrelated sort of way (and no I'm not saying anything). And as much as I dislike talking about people behind their backs, please (seriously, please) don't say anything about this to anyone at work or otherwise. If it gets to Josh or Shelia, I'll never hear the end of it. As for why I wouldn't say anything, I really don't know. Aside from that if I were to say to everyone "There is no Crystal", they'd ask why, and I doubt any explanation I could give would satisfy them. And why I said what I did in the first place? Same thing goes, had I said "no". You people are ruthless~

Any questions, and you can just email me back, but I won't guarantee a quick reply, if a reply at all :s

Happy now? :3

He got this look of surprise on his face, said no, then proceeded to ask me even more questions. Then Josh started going on and on about how he was offended, because we've been friends for how long, and so on. Told him that it really wasn't as spectacular as they were probably thinking, but they wouldn't believe me.

So before leaving at 3, I told Manoah that if he did indeed still have the email, that he should send me a reply back, and if I didn't get one by tomorrow or so, I'd send it to him again. I sent the first one to him on April 24th, so there's pretty much an equal chance that he still has it as not. I did tell him he could forward it to Josh though, so that might end up being more trouble than it's worth, but we'll have to just wait and see.

Aside from that though, tonight did go pretty well. Steamed for the first hour or so, then started frying. Way too much frying. Two pans of salad shells, three packages of pizza shells, one pan of cinnamon twists, about half a pan of red strips, 12 pans of loose nachos, and two pans of bagged nachos. ~4 hours' worth. Then we went out on our breaks, after which I took over drive through for a bit, then me and Josh deckscrubbed, I cleaned and set the fry dump back up, then went home.

I forgot my pants and shirt though, but I called Josh, and he said he'd drop them off on his way home, so whatever. I am disappointed that the pants I forgot there are the only ones I currently have with belt loops though. It'd be rather fun to answer the door while wearing one of my tails :3 But that could end up being more trouble than good as well, so maybe it's for the best right now~

Also found out that I have to walk there tomorrow as well, but tonight is was a nice change from getting a ride, so...

And the schedule for next week is now up. I close from Tuesday to Sunday :\

Feh. Time to go find out where Dad went right now. He went into the basement when we got home, and hasn't come back up since :s

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