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Unexpected Surprises

Was not expecting that. Josh dropped off my clothes for me, exactly as planned, but Steph and Manoah were also with him. Steph had to use the bathroom, and Josh took it upon himself to show her where it was (most likely some sort of "it's not my house but I still know where everything is" type thing), leaving Manoah on the front porch by himself.

I whispered something about not stalking to him, because he accused me of doing such after I called them earlier, he picked up, and I said I knew it'd be him :p Then he asked if he could come in, and I opened the door.

Josh came down shortly after that, so I went back to playing Guitar Hero II, when he turns to Manoah and says "Yeah this is the game". Then he (Josh) got to playing it himself, and I sat down at the computer to do a couple things.

No sooner than I had, and Manoah had gotten ahold of my laptop, and was looking at the desktop. Very uneasy moment. I was fighting the urge to tell him "Don't open the folder named "^fur", for reasons you can probably guess, but had I done so, I'd at least have been asked why not :p

And then from there things were a mess of setting up Wii Bowling for them, Steph doing something or other on the other computer, Josh playing Guitar Hero II, and Manoah following me up to my room because he wanted to see my games :s That was interesting, because he started asking me what various items were on my top bunk (card reader, GBA Micro, action replay, etc.), while meanwhile I was expecting him to turn around, see the tail I just have sitting out in the open, and ask "What's that?" Meh. I do worry about these things too much.

They've left to walk the rest of the way home right now, and I've gone back to just sitting here~ Don't know what time I'll be getting to bed, but it feels like I've still got an hour left, at very least, so I might as well find something to do :3

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