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At Least it Rained

Just as I was getting to bed this morning (around 8 or so :p), I could've sworn I heard some strange noise outside, so I got up, looked out my window, and was pleased to see that rain was indeed falling. No thunderstorm, of course, and it's stopped now, but whatever.

Nothing to really do right now, except just wait for 7. Mom and Dad are going out for supper, so I have to walk to work once again (as I already said), but that means things'll actually work out the way I wanted them to last night, tonight. Of course, if they ask me to stay 'till 5, I will probably end up saying "Sure", but that shouldn't happen unless the store's a complete mess. Last night as soon as I got there, I asked Josh what time it was, then said something about hopefully being able to leave at 3, but just got snappily told "If everything's done". Meh. I just hope I end up getting stuck with either the random cleaning up or dining room tonight. It's me, Steve, Josh, and Jerome there 'till at least 3, so it most likely won't happen though...

And no reply received from Manoah yet, but it'll probably just be easier to ask him tonight. Mostly because sending it to him again, the same night I'm scheduled to work with him would be a bad idea :p As for Josh, if he continues bothering me, I'll probably just tell him the same thing I've told Manoah and Ange. Unfortunately, if anyone's not going to leave me alone about it, it's him, but like I said quite a while ago, he's going to find out eventually, so I don't know why I worry so much about it :x

... I swear. Adam really needs to invest in a (working) pair of headphones. His current attitude seems to be "Oh I have surround sound so if I'm playing a game it has to be as loud as possible", and yet whenever there's any other noise coming from somewhere else in the room (the other computer, for example), he gets all pissy and demands that it be turned down :\ He's currently playing some hunting game he got a couple days ago, and it's all I want to do to turn the 360 off, and not just because it's loud...

Oh well. He's just going to have to live with it :3