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Found the Song~

Moonlight Sonata. Thank you songtapper.com. It was a last resort, and I didn't really expect it to work, given there's nothing "unique" about the beat for the first little bit, but it still worked.

So it's almost 7 in the morning, and I've rather got a quandry. On one hand, I could stay up 'till 10, then phone EB Games to see if they have any action replays for sale, and risk staying up for nothing, or go to bed whenever I get tired, and risk not phoning them when they do have some. Although I'll probably just go to bed. I do plan to be up still / at this time Thursday morning, so if anything's going to be done, it could very well be then.

And it's Monday as well. Yeah. I believe that speaks for itself :p

It's also been a month.

Two random, unrelated facts. I'm getting way too tired already :3

But one other interesting thing about work tonight before this is finished. Michelle. She's recently been made a manager again, and today was (I believe) her second shift as the shift manager. According to Jess, who got there before I did, when she walked in, everyone was just standing around not doing anything, while the cabinet(s) were completely empty of nachos, and there was a pile of dishes at the back.

And also, according to what Danielle told Jess, Michelle lets them do anything they want. Disgusting. On everyone's part. And apparently she didn't know how to take a name off a till without putting another one on :\ Pathetic. CSHR, 0, CSHR. That's all it takes.

Time to play something else 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep~

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