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Wouldn't you Know It

It wasn't until 5:30 or so this afternoon that I actually came downstairs, but the first thing Adam asked me when I did was "Do you think you could figure out how to put codes on this?" "This" being his Action Replay DS. Yes indeed. They got them in today. Blah. After some initial struggle with it though (mostly figuring out that you had to update the program itself, then try to update again to reflash the action replay), I put the codes on it that he wanted, caught Arceus (on my game :p), then gave it back to him. Feh. I'm sure I'll be able to use it tomorrow or something.

So right now, I plan on heading out to 7-11 in a bit, then doing whatever when I get back home. Hopefully something along the lines of tidying up the area around the other computer here, because it's an absolute mess.

Either that, or I'll play more Banjo Kazooie. Downloaded it yesterday, and apparently Vista comes with the proper drivers to use an XBOX 360 controller with your computer, so I set the appropriate controls in Project64, and was promptly amazed at how much I'd forgotten about the game. First thing Adam told me to do was go to Click Clock Woods, but I couldn't find the way there for the life of me. Also it'll be interesting to see just what happens if you enter too many of the "secret" codes. I remember seeing a screenshot a long time ago with one of Grunty's little speech bubbles, saying something about "or your gamepak I'll erase", and since then, I've wondered whether it really would do such a thing. So theoretically, doing it with an emulator, it could erase everything from the file (easily fixed), or you could set said file to read-only, and possibly make the emulator crash, or maybe you'll find out that it's just a scare tactic to stop people from entering too many codes... oh curiosity. Next level up is Treasure Trove Cove though, which is where the sandcastle is, so I should be able to find out by the end of the night~

But for now, I'm off to get some snacks :3

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