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Last Minute

Went out for supper earlier, and out of nowhere Mom said something about it being Dad's birthday tomorrow. So I was just at Sobeys to get a card for him, and I think I found a good one, but I couldn't think of anything good to get him as a gift, so yeah.

I'm thinking right now about walking up to the bank later on and just withdrawing $20 or something. Feh. There's just nothing I can think of that he'd want.

But otherwise, probably just more Banjo Kazooie tonight. I was planning on going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, to finish up the P2P receipting, but given that it's Dad's birthday, and he most likely still has to work, by the time I got back, he'd be long gone. Meh. Maybe that might be an idea. Go out and get $20 in an hour or so, then write whatever in the card, and leave it somewhere he'll be able to see it. Just because that way, he's sure to get it sooner or later...

... back to Freezeezy Peak for now~

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