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Taco Bell is Going to Hell

Well, tonight could've been better, but it was certainly an improvement over my last two closes. I was scheduled to be in at 10 tonight, but Josh called me on his way in to ask if I'd come in early, so I agreed to be there for 9. I figured "what the hell. it couldn't be that bad when I get there, and I'd have more time to get stuff cleaned up". I was wrong. I got there at 10 to 9, walked to the back to wash my hands and to put my nametag on, and someone came into the dining room, so I went up to take their order. As a matter of fact, I have their receipt here with me. Take a look at what this guy ordered. BTW, not to be discriminatory or anything, but I absolutely loathe Mennonites now. They were bad before, but now they're even worse. Anyways, the receipt:

         TACO  BELL

   #122                OUT
2 BEEF&POT            3.58
1 5 TACOS             4.99
4 Q-CHIK             13.56
4 Q-STK              13.56
            GST        2.14
            SBTL      37.83
            PST        2.86
            TOTL      40.69
            CASH      40.70
            CHNG        .01

Yeah. Originally he wanted 9 chicken quesadillas (that's what the Q-CHIK's are), but we didn't have enough chicken to make all of them, so he settled for 4 of each. The chicken and steak that was on line was all that was left as well. There were none in the thermalizers. A couple more people were in line after him, so I took their orders (thankfully they were relatively small), then went back to drop two steaks and two chickens - we needed them.

So after that, I grabbed fries that were needed on line, dropped food, and cleaned the fry dump. Glenda arrived at about 9:45 (she was scheduled to be in at 8, so I don't know why she was so late, but it's not my concern), and she took over front cash after that, so I could keep getting things cleaned up.

Manoah and Josh were on line at the time, and Manoah was going on and on about weighing each item, to make sure they weren't over-portioning. See we're out $800 in food. Well, that's what we're being told. Frankly, I don't see how that's even possible, but I don't know for sure whether that's true or not. Anyways, we're supposed to all be very careful that we portion things properly, because of how much we're out. From what Manoah was saying, if the food costs aren't back to normal by next week, some drastic things are going to happen.

First of all, Earl's going to lose his job there. He's the general manager, so yeah. Sheila, the assistant general manager will apparently be getting demoted, and made to go back to the store in Windsor and work there (WTF?). As for the rest of us, Shawn (the district manager, and an all-around a**hole) will be bringing down people of his own to cover the needed positions, and he'll correct the problem, through whatever means necessary.

Honestly, if it comes to that, where Shawn's actually working regular shifts at the store, I'll probably just say "I quit". I've had it with that place. There is so much BS going around there, it's a surprise the store's still functioning at all. Real Canadian Superstore's hiring right now, and I can't see working there being too bad (at least better than what things are like right now), and I'm sure it'd be at least a bit easier to find a job than before, now that I've got some work experience.

Oh, and on the topic of food costs, from what I heard tonight, of all the Taco Bells (whether in this area, or otherwise), we're the worst for food costs, and guess who it's getting blamed on? The night crew! Seriously, that's enough to make me want to say "screw you" and hand in my uniform right now.

Like, I enjoy having a job, and I admittedly like working there sometimes, but this is just getting to be too much. I am sick and tired of walking around on eggshells at that place, worrying that someone might say something, or something might eventually happen that makes everything come falling down.


Anyways, once Glenda heard about what was going on, she was right pissed. Something about "I'm going to go to the labor board tomorrow! And this and that and this as well!" I think she went out to have a smoke, and most certainly to do something else as well. I know I didn't see her for a good half hour after she went outside, so it must've been bad.

So after that, I took over steam, as both Josh and Manoah were doing other things, and basically held down line by myself for at least an hour. Things finally calmed down at about 12, so I asked Josh if he wanted nachos fried, as he'd said something about that earlier in the night. He wanted both cabinets full, so I set to work. I didn't even get a single bus bin filled up before more cars came, and guess where everyone else was? Either outside sitting down and having a break, or outside smoking! Once again, I made the orders that were up there by myself, for another good hour. I would've gone back to do nachos again once everyone came back inside, but guess what? Manoah decided he wanted to do them.

I'm so sick and tired of working with that guy as well. He's got at least one of the managers in his pocket, so he gets away with things that he normally wouldn't do, as well as he has a really annoying habit of always finding the easiest thing that needs to be done, and doing it regardless of what else was going on. Like tonight, I could've used help on line, but no, he started frying nachos instead, and when I asked him if he wanted to switch with me, he said nothing at all. He's also the unofficial crew trainer as well, so it seems like he thinks he has extra authority over the rest of us, which, frankly, isn't true. He's also a smoker, and I made it clear in my previous entry what I thought of those people.

About 1:00, Kevin arrived, as he got called in, so I thought "finally, maybe someone will help me on line that I actually can stand". No though. Finally, about 15 minutes later, Glenda came up to help, and the orders ended shortly after. FFS.

Right before 2, Steph (who'd been on drive-through all night) asked me if I'd take her headset so she could go on break, and I agreed, because I figured I'd be able to go on mine after she got back. Who did though? Manoah. He'd had more than enough smoke breaks to cover the rest of our breaks put together. Oh, and to top it off, everyone followed him out into the dining room, so I was stuck taking and making orders until someone clued in.

Bar rush started a couple minutes before 2:30, and lasted until 3, which is what usually happens. I've another receipt of a huge order someone made during that. Here it is:

         TACO  BELL

   #323                DR-T
7 SOFTTACO             8.33
4 Q-CHIK              13.56
3 FRY SUP              7.47
1 MEXPIZZA             2.69
1 CC FRY               2.09
2 CCBURITO             3.58
1 BURSUP               2.49
2 CARM EMP             1.98
            GST        2.53
            SBTL      44.72
            PST        3.38
            TOTL      48.10
            CASH      50.00
            CHNG       1.90

Funnily enough, we only had one apple pie (CARM EMP), as the other one in the cabinet had a big hole in it, so he got an extra soft taco instead. There were a couple other large orders as well, but I didn't manage to get the receipts printed out for those.

Anyways, after bar rush ended, I asked Steph if she wanted to take the headset back, and she said something about "no, you can hold onto it". Half an hour later, I took it off and handed it to her, and told her that I had to start closing line, when Josh said something about, well, Steph can close it if she knows how to. She said she knew how to do cold line, but Josh said "no, I need someone who can do both". PWNED. See, I would've kept the headset on and just done dishes, except both Kevin and Glenda had left for home at 3, leaving me, Josh, and Steph to close.

I went and put on my headphones to listen to music once Josh said we were closed, and it didn't take him long to say something about noticing them. This is how the conversation went:

Josh: "Don't think I don't notice your headphones in your ears."
Me: "I know you notice."
Josh: "Well, didn't we have a talk about this before?" (look back several entries to find what I'm talking about)
Me: "Yeah, but I'm doing my work, am I not?"
Josh: "Well..."

Once again, PWNED. He could think of NOTHING to say about that I shouldn't be wearing them or anything after I pointed out that I was still doing my work. Finally. That was, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the night, if not the best.

Anyways, the night was pretty uneventful after that. I flooded hot line through careless placement of the clear bucket (water leaking out from under the nacho cabinet = fun), but other than that, there's nothing else really worth mentioning. Overall, a bad night, simply because of what Manoah brought up at the beginning of the shift. If he hadn't said anything about that, it might've actually been bearable.

Now I'm scheduled to have three days off, but lord knows how that's going to go. We'll have to see though...

Edit: Figures I'd forget something. Want to hear a screwed up dream I've had twice involving work? Here goes. We'd closed, and I was at home, right? Ange called, asking if I'd come back in, because she felt bad that we'd done no prep for the day people. I agreed to come in, so on the way back there, I glanced into the dining room, and saw that things were pretty much dark, so I figured "good. this shouldn't take that long". Next thing I know, I have a headset on and am taking orders at drive through. Ange comes over, and I ask her how long we're staying open for, and she says "24 hours". The second time I had a dream like that, we'd just closed, and hadn't left the store yet. Someone pulled into drive through, and I was just about to tell them we were closed, when someone else came up with a headset on (who, I don't know) and started taking their order. WTF indeed.

Hopefully that's it now :p

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