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Coupons :x

So apparently lots of people received coupons for Taco Bell in the mail today. At the end of the night, we had received something like 96 of them, at a total discount of ~$100 :o So first of all, seeing as summer's getting closer and closer, we're getting busier by the day, therefore more people bring in coupons, and end up getting a family pack and a couple cheesy gordita crunches or something in each order, and yeah. So it was incredibly busy tonight. Although the common theory right now is that the busyness is due to that the coupons were just mailed out today, so people end up thinking "Well, instead of just sticking these on the fridge, why don't we go out for supper tonight?" And I had originally figured that I'd be on drive through, given that last time I worked with Mark, I was on line, but no. Steve was. So we went from having three people on line, to just me, when we were still as busy as we had been before. Ugh.

And on top of all that, I put on my regular shoes before I left, and it wasn't 'till I looked down before walking into the place that I noticed my shoes were white :s I ended up just grabbing a pair from the bathroom though, because there's quite a few in there that nobody ever touched, and noone has ever claimed, so it worked out in the end.

Didn't give Dad his card yet either, but I just wrote a little thing in it, put the money in, and sealed it up, so whenever I see him next, I can give it to him then.

Hopefully it comes this morning as well. I figured Thursday, seeing as it was supposed to have been shipped on Saturday, and I plan on staying up to get to it before anyone else does, and I'd really hate to do that for nothing. Although they've been forecasting rain all night long on the radio, so maybe it will sometime tonight, and end up a bit cooler when I do end up going to bed...

But for now it's time to take my incoherent self into the kitchen, because I have to do dishes. Yay :p

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