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Big Surprise

Just went into the TV room to give Mom Little Cat, and Naomi was in there doing stuff on her computer. I happened to notice she had a mouse plugged into one of the USB ports. *My* mouse. The little tiger pattern one I bought at Staples such a long time ago.

Of course, her story is that she bought it herself, but I asked her to show me the receipt, and her response was "Wha... but... I don't have to show you anything! I bought it myself!" So screw the civil route. Tomorrow morning, after she leaves for school, I'm going into her room and I'm going to find it. I am this close from losing it with her. Yes, it's just a mouse, that I don't use a whole lot anyways (minus that I couldn't use it seeing as I don't have it), but it's just her continued stealing.

I swear to God Mom and Dad had better see to it that she gets a job this summer. Even if it's at Taco Bell. Although lord knows that if she was hired there, her attitude would get her fired within the first week. That'd probably be rather funny in a certain light. I know she's applied at Tim Hortons before, so I have to ask why the hell she hasn't tried anywhere else, but that's their concern.

It's like, I try to understand that the reason she steals things is because she has no money to go out and buy them herself (which is rather curious, with the $10,000 we all got not even a year ago now), so her getting a job would show her a) that it's alot more satisfying to buy something with your own (hard earned) money, and b) that it's effing annoying to have something of yours stolen that you bought yourself.

If only...