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... in coupons alone. We brought in just over $6,500 today. Good God. Forget the heat being a problem anymore. It's how busy we've been. And apparently tomorrow, we're going to be busier than we've been these past couple nights, so I'm really looking forward to that :\ A couple annoying things about tonight though.

Manoah and Jess, to start off. I'd swear those two couldn't survive without each other. Manoah was on drive through at first, but was having trouble hearing a customer, so Jess took care of that, then kept her headset on afterwards, and just stayed down in drive through cashing people out. So I'm on line by myself, frustrated to no end not just because of the amount of orders, but also because there were piles of dishes at the back, and although I'd have preferred some help on line, I'd much rather one of them have been back working on them. No though. And then Mark was just walking around the whole time we were busy, doing nothing noticeable, and it's really frustrating. I mean, I'd like to think that they'd tell themselves "Well, it looks like there's alot of orders up there, so I really should help", and even if they decide not to, instead say "But I really should find something else to do instead". Feh. Thank God I don't work with Mark tomorrow night.

And the other annoyance was Jess. She got to leave early last night, because she had worked a supper shift. That's fine and all, if a bit nonsensical, because right after she left, we got extremely busy, but it's too late to do anything now. However, tonight she was scheduled to be done at 3. Some time in between 12 and then, she got the idea to ask Mark if, as long as she got the dishes caught up, she could leave early. I didn't say anything, but I was not pleased. All I could think was "No. You did *not* just say that. Look around. There's plenty to be done other than dishes. If you should happen to get them done before 3, find something else to do, and get to work!" Then a little while after that, she said something about "I really don't want to be here", and I actually said out loud (but not loud enough so she could hear) "Neither do the rest of us, but you don't hear us complaining..." I swear all people think about there is their own benefit. Ideally, she'd stay after close, for as long as it took to get things cleaned up, and that way, we'd all be able to leave earlier than we would otherwise.

The one good thing about tonight was that we ran out of both lettuce and hard taco shells, but we only had one person drive away because of it. Said person felt the need to pull up to the window and check to make sure we weren't lying or something :s


So I've just now finished writing a second email to Manoah explaining a certain something, and made sure it were crystal (oh yes indeed) clear about him not saying anything about it at work. I'd really rather have waited, seeing as I do work with him tomorrow night, but in this situation, I think he deserves a bit more credit.

I don't think my plan to go to Heart and Stroke today is going to work either, seeing as it's almost 6 in the morning now, but meh. I figure a possible reason my item may not have arrived yesterday was because of the holiday either this week or the one past, so if I get really lucky, it may arrive this morning, but if not, I'm just going to end up staying up for nothing again.

Don't have to be to work 'till 9, although the odds of getting called in early are extremely high, but right now, should they call, I plan on saying something like "I know how busy you guys are. I've been there the past two nights at 8, and have seen it myself, and I'd like a bit of a break from it tonight."

One last thing now. Another amusing flash ad, for Zwinky. Do I even need to point out the amusing part? Hint: it's found in the big yellow star :p

But for now, Guitar Hero II. At least until Adam and Naomi get up~

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