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People are so Arrogant

I feel sorry for Alec. He was at the back washing dishes from about 11:00 'till 3:00 tonight. Yeah, he could've gotten them done faster, had he known the quick way to do them (organize, soak certain things, and wash others immediately, etc.), but as I said a couple times, it's only his first night, so we can't expect too much out of him.

Steve however... apparently, he told Alec that he wasn't doing dishes fast enough, and Earl said something interesting as well after hiring him: "He looks a little slow". He's really lucky I wasn't there. I don't particularly like or dislike the guy yet, but in Steve's case, he should be happy we have another person to work closing shifts now, and as for Earl, summer's rapidly approaching, so we need more people to work. Can't do much about Earl (god forbid I talk back to the general manager), but should Steve start complaining again tomorrow night, I'm going to tell him exactly that.

But otherwise, tonight was rather busy, but nothing too special. Looking forward to tomorrow night though, because I not only get to leave at 3, but Josh also said on the way home that he's probably going to have me start frying right away. However, I am not looking forward to working Sunday night, for some reason I really can't put my finger on, but that'd be getting too far ahead of myself right now.

Aside from work though, I once again stayed up for nothing (feh), but did manage to get my mouse back. The satisfying part about that came once I woke up later on in the afternoon. Naomi was in the TV room, watching something or other and talking to someone on her computer at the time, but as soon as I walked out of my door, she gave me this evil glare. I love it <3

And I was also quite angry earlier on about another unrelated thing. Someone got something else before me, and I had really wanted to get that something. However, upon...

WTF? This light on the fan in this room just started darkening, until only the light in the center was lit, then it burnt out :o Strange. For all 5 lights to go at the same time (more or less)... Creepy even~

But as I was saying, upon reading a bit closer, I found out that the person that made the something originally does make custom things, so there might still be hope :3 Of course, I plan on waiting 'till I get the other thing I ordered from them, because contacting them out of the blue to ask "Hey could you make a second one?" would be rather strange (and yes the vagueness is on purpose~).

Now I have to try to get the achievement on Guitar Hero II again. Got the one for 300,000 points in a song just before I had to leave for work, and turned the 360 off without letting it save first, so yeah. Let's see what happens...

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