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Can't Even Tell it Rained

Got woken up around 1:15 by a big crash of thunder, then stumbled into the bathroom, then back into my room after that, and went back to sleep 'till 5. Had a highly aggravating dream after I went back to sleep (two things about it, specifically), and it was also incredibly humid once it stopped raining, so yeah.

So work from 9 - 3 tonight, then same time tomorrow. With Manoah and Mark, to be specific. Fun. Manoah's been going on and on lately about how he doesn't like working with Mark and such, and all sorts of wonderful things, which is fine. You don't have to like working with everyone there. However, instead of just dealing with it, and working the shift as best as possible, he's decided to try to all-out avoid Mark. So every single shift he has with him this coming week, he's been trying to get people to take for him.

And one awesomely cool random thing I found while bored last night. This. I have to wonder about the who and why behind whoever commissioned that. Assuming, of course, that is the reason it was made. I don't know though. As big and huge and awkward as it appears to be, I could help but find myself saying "Some day I'm going to get one of those." It's obviously too big to actually be used as a tail, but in spite of that, it's still so awesome <3 Not immediately or anything, of course, but someday...

I'm also quite starving right now. Mom and Dad once again went out for supper, without so much as even asking if there was anywhere we wanted to go to get ours. Might as well head into the kitchen and see if there's anything in there. Otherwise, I'll probably just end up snacking on nachos and cinnamon twists while I fry them tonight. I figure I'll end up doing all sorts of frying 'till 12 or 1 or so, then I hope to be able to go back and work on the dishes afterwards, because I'd really like to leave there having all that stuff done for them. They've still got 5 people there after I'm gone though (yes indeed), so even if I don't manage to get the dishes caught up, they shouldn't be in really bad shape :3

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