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Short Shift

~3 hours. Would've been 6, had they not been nearly as busy as the past couple nights were. All I really did was help on line for a bit, then do some frying and other prep work. Then Josh told me to go on my break at exactly 12:07, and while I was out there, told me I could just go home, because they weren't busy. Feh. With the mood Jerome was in tonight, I really didn't want to stick around, so whatever.

And as for that big (huge) tail I posted a link to in my last entry, I'm fighting the urge right now to just log into GMail and send Bladespark a message saying something like

"So yeah... this is slightly embarrassing, seeing as it's probably (if not) the biggest item on your site, but I was just browsing around last night, and happened to notice it, and would seriously be interested in commissioning (another) one of those from you, if there's at all a chance of that. I'd really hate to impose such, but for now, I figured I'd just ask, and see what you have to say :3"

That actually sounds pretty good... Meh. Looking at the commissions page on her site, I notice that tails range anywhere from $20 to $200, "depending on the species", and I can't help but to think a tail such as the one in question would be priced quite near the larger amount. Might just send that off before I head to bed. I know I said I didn't plan on ordering such a thing right away, but I'm rather impatient when it comes to that sort of stuff :p

And on an unrelated note (well, it's actually related, but only in an extremely obscure way), sent Manoah another email last night to explain things. Either he didn't get it, or he just completely looked over it. So I told him "Check your inbox again when you get home tonight, and send me a reply if it's there. If not, I'll either send you another one from my Hotmail account, or just tell you on MSN or something."

Time to find something else to do~

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