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I Don't Wanna go to Work

I just don't know. There's something about today that just makes it seem like it's not going to be a good night. Manoah possibly calling in sick for one thing, I suppose. God, did he ever get on my nerves last night as well.

Was out on my break, and he comes out just as I'm putting my hat on and getting ready to go back in, and asks me if he can leave early and I'll stay. I've never seen someone so utterly concerned with their personal gain. Explained to him that I usually don't get many chances to leave early, and that I really wanted to tonight, to which he said something about "Why do you have to be so salty" :s Conversation finished with me saying several times that I wanted to go home, then him saying that he understood.

Couple that with tonight, and that he might be calling in sick so as to not have to work with Mark, and it's really annoying. I know I've said it before, but once again, concerning Mark. I don't particularly like the guy, seeing as he can be really chatty at times, has a tendency to not always be doing the work that he could be, and what he's like when he gets to be in a bad mood. However, I do my best to get along with him each shift I work, and more often than not, things do go pretty well. Unfortunately, like I said a couple entries back, Manoah's plan is to simply avoid working with him altogether. It's been said a couple times that Manoah doesn't like working with Mark, and the other way around as well though, so in this case, the problem lies with Shelia. And apparently she is aware that those two don't get along with each other, so yeah. I suppose what remains to be seen is how Alec will get along with Mark. They have him scheduled to work next Sunday, I believe (which is nice, because that means they're effectively giving him two days to learn drive through), so we'll have to see then.


$300 for the skunk pattern. Like I already said in the email, odds are I won't have the money available 'till closer to the end of the month. Technically I do right now, but here's how I see it. This coming week's pay will primarily be going to Mom and Dad. First one of the month, after all. Two weeks after that, we get paid again, and I anticipate bringing in something that can be rounded off to $400. So assuming a max. of ~$320 for the tail, then $40 towards gas, that'll leave me +$40 in my account. Better than nothing :p

Having a copy of the one seen in the picture isn't too likely, seeing as it was commissioned by Strredwolf, and, in the words of SPark, he might not be happy having someone else running around with "his" tail. So I got to fiddling around with the various fur colors here, after being given the link. Before going to bed last night, sent off another reply asking if there'd be any trouble in including a third color, and apparently that wouldn't be a problem, but I got to thinking once again. The one thing I really liked in the picture of the one that's already made was the contrast between the red and white furs, and having a third color would really take away from that :\

So I don't know.

Purple and cream was suggested, which could actually look quite nice, should I not have such a hard time trying to envision that, and picture the cream being more of a light pink :s So that's one possibility, among a couple others as follows (going by the color names on that site):

Turquoise and Ivory (for some reason Pachirisu comes to mind :p)
Orange and Ivory
Purple and Ivory
Dark Purple and Ivory

I like the ivory :3 Keeping in mind that it'd be color 1, color 2, color 1, color 2, color 1.

Purple and ivory would probably be my favorite out of those right now. Yeah.

But for now, one more thing to do, then I'm going to play Guitar Hero II 'till supper's ready~

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