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Michelle was the supper manager tonight, yes? When I walked in at 9, there was absolutely nothing done, with the exception of some of the dishes. Apparently (key word) Michelle had told the crew to do various things, but they wouldn't. So I have to ask why she's a manager if she's not going to see to it that people do what she asks. Thus, there's now two bus bins of nachos fried up, a tray of sour cream, and some sauces, thanks to Mark. The openers have to fend for themselves if they need anything else.

And as for big tail things, purple and cream are the colors I decided on. The main problem is the $300, but right now, here's what I plan on doing. We get paid this week, so Thursday or Friday, I'll head to the bank and get a money order for USD $150, send it off, and then get another money order for the other half next time I get paid. And that way, hopefully after the first one arrives, she'll be able to start working on the tail, so by the time the second one gets to her, it'll be all ready to send out.

Seeing as assuming I bring in ~$400 again, $155 will be going to Mom and Dad, which still leaves me with $245, minus $160 (after the exchange) will leave me with $85. Could be worse :p

Ideally, of course, but it just might work out that way :3 Eccentricity FTW~

But otherwise, two days off now, which'll be nice after tonight.

Time to go find something to eat. Didn't have anything at work tonight (well, a couple glasses of Pepsi, I guess), so I'm absolutely starving.

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