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Staying up payed off :3 Right in the middle of some song I don't recall ever playing before on Guitar Hero II (Elephant Bones, I think), Dad walked in (he had been sitting out on the front porch reading), and held up a little box. Yay. So I finished up the song I was doing, plus a couple more after that, then opened it up. So yes. Two days late, but that makes sense, given that there were two holidays between the time that it was sent out and when it got here.

Went to bed at 10, and had a fun dream about wearing (one of) my tails while walking to work, then back home again, and was amazed that people weren't making such a big deal about it as I thought they would be :p

Slept (pretty much) straight through to 7 after that, woke up to my arm being all numb and floppy because I had been sleeping on it (which really hurt after the blood started flowing again), then came downstairs, and have been since.

So first night off now, and I'm thinking of maybe going to 7-11 or something a little bit later. Have to be back on Wednesday, from 8 - 2, which I can almost guarantee won't actually happen, but whatever. Then Thursday from 9 - close with Steve and Mark alone (for whatever reason they feel we should be fine with three people, but I'd disagree), then Friday and Saturday. Saturday's going to be strange, what with I'm working from 10:30 to 3:30 (yeah), and Elischa and Ange will be closing instead of Josh and Jerome. I do look forward to working with Elischa, but there's just... something about Ange.

Meh. Time to find something else to do...

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