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What Interesting Circumstances

Adam's gone to work. Naomi's at school. Mom and Dad just left for London (something or other about a radio station). I'm the only one left in the house now :3

The latter led me to think to myself "What the hell. Why wouldn't you go on a Monday, and make a whole day out of it? That way I could come along and go to the furmeet." Whatever though. The desire to go there again has been gradually decreasing for some time now (mostly thanks to not having to work any of those nights :p).

But as for right now, it's almost frustrating. I have the whole house to myself, but there's nothing I want to do :s Well, I can think of one thing right now, that involves music. Something that, should I do while others are around, a big fuss would be made, and I don't want that.

And it's also 8 in the morning. Of course, given that I got out of bed at 7, I could still go for quite a while longer, but I'm not going to try to.

Went to the bank quite a few hours ago though (around 11), and withdrew $20, got a receipt, and found out that I have something like ~$4,035 right now (plus the 5000 in savings but I'm not touching that unless I absolutely need to), which is quite pleasing.

Then the rest of the night was spent playing different games in Project64, with the window behind me wide open, which quite interesting at first, because it's actually pretty cold out right now :p

Now it's time to go downstairs again~

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