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This is Not Good

Just woke up, and it's already 8 at night :\ So either I go to bed whenever I start to get really tired this morning, which is usually around 2, or I go to bed whenever I get tired enough to do so (probably not 'till around 8 or 9), and then have my alarm(s) set to wake me up at 4 or 5. I mean, it's fun, in a certain sense, but otherwise, sleeping in 'till the time I used to have to go to bed at is just disgusting.

So right now I'm fighting the urge to ask to go to Taco Bell to get some food, and also to get my pay stub, but then I figure no matter what, we don't get paid 'till Thursday, and I'm not getting a money order for ~$160 without getting paid first :p

But I still want some food. Might go to Tim Hortons again, because I've got something like $7 worth of gift certificates I found somewhere around here, but I went last night, and they had no Timbits whatsoever ;_; Actually no. One of the things I always find with giving Mom and Dad their money at the beginning of the month is that I end up needing fives. And given that Manoah does pay me back the $10 he owes me exactly on Thursday, I can just swap it for two fives from one of the tills.

So then tonight's snacks will be comprised of toast and water. Wonderful :3 I *do* have about $20 (I think a quarter short of :p) worth of change hidden up in my room, but that's being saved for something else. Seeing as last time I got a tail from Bladespark, I had to pay $7.25 (or something like that) for it, and I can't help but think that for something... bigger (or heavier :s) I'd end up having to pay more. I'm not going to go to all the trouble I've gone so far, with commissioning it and whatnot just to end up having not enough money to pay for the thing when it actually gets here, so yeah.

But it's now time to go into the kitchen and see what dishes need to be done, because according to Mom, it's my night to do them. Meh.

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