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Slightly Better

Went to bed at 3. Got woken up exactly one hour and ten minutes later by my alarm clock. I had it set for 4:10 - apparently a.m. :s Got back to sleep for another couple hours after that, waking up again at about 7:30. First thought on my mind was "That had better be 7:30 in the *morning*." Thankfully it was :p

Fell asleep again at 9:30, for another couple hours, woke up briefly around 12 or so, then fell back asleep 'till 4:10. By the time I actually got out of bed it was about 6, which could be better, but whatever.

There's lasagna on the table for supper, but meh. What with having just gotten up, I'm not too terribly hungry, so either I'll have something to eat at work, or I'll have it when I get home.

I'm not sure who's working tonight either. I know it's me and Mark, then maybe Steve, or it could be Jess. Well, it won't take too long to find out~

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