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Quite Satisfactory

Yes I know the title is also a line from Mary Poppins. So help me~

Just tonight though. Elischa was the other closer. She was scheduled to start at 9. At 9:30, she still hadn't shown up. Aside from Josh coming in from 11 - 12, it was me and Mark. We were out of there about quarter after 3 though, so it wasn't too bad, but just frustrating.

Good for something else though.

Got my pay stub, and found out I brought in an amazing $522.67. Technically though, that means I should be giving Mom and Dad $50 for gas, but meh. They've been getting $40 every two weeks for the longest time now, and they seem quite happy with that, so I'm not going to bother.

However, even after I give them their $155, I'll still be left with $367.67 :o I'm seriously thinking of going to the bank tomorrow and getting a money order for the whole $300 (plus whatever the shipping is). That has the advantage of not only sending it all at once, so whenever it's finished, it can be shipped off (almost) immediately, but also because that way, it'd hopefully get here either by the end of this month (unlikely) or somewhere near the start of next, which is when Dad'll be gone. To Indonesia, for some church thing :x

Then again, he's the one that's seen the most of the ones I have right now (mostly just when they're on my chair), and hasn't said a word, so yeah.

Moving on though, Manoah also called tonight, to say he couldn't come in to help, because he already had plans, but while he was on the phone, I asked him if he got my email yet. Answer was "Yes". Finally. This mess has been going on for way too long now.

Time to try installing something that finished downloading while I was at work~

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