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That's Quite a Touch :s

So as I expected, shipping for the giant tail would be a bit more. "A touch", in her words. The amount? $20. I still have enough for it, but it'll leave me with a paltry $27.67. And what's even better, I actually found my account and bank transit number on my pay stub, and put those into my Paypal account, but now I apparently have to find out the amount of two small deposits they made. Excellent. But I suppose that's one of the things I could check when I go to the bank tomorrow.

Meh. It's not very fun so far. Downloaded Phantasy Star Universe over the past couple days, and just now installed it, and played it for about half an hour. Nothing of note so far, except it's really nice not being given a rundown of the controls, and essentially having to find out what to press to move and attack and whatnot :s But also, while extracting the ISO, I got a little message saying that there was extremely little disk space left, so I tried emptying the Recycle Bin, and got this little dialog. Barring the fact that "D:" looks like an upset face, I have to wonder what happens if you don't successfully resolve the low disk space condition (too many words). It could also be described as an undocumented feature in Vista. Free enough space on your hard drive, and get applauded for your efforts :3

Now the only problem with it is that I either have to find a crack for it (or use something like this). Either that, or keep the 5.2GB ISO file so I can actually play the game :p

I think it's time to go make some toast right now though.

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