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New Layout

I felt like a change. So help me :D

It's now almost 8:00 in the morning, and I've yet to even get up from this chair. Dad just took Adam to work, so I've got a good opportunity to get upstairs without anything embarrassing happening. I also just emailed Michele to tell her I wouldn't be in today, so that's covered. I need to be up for about 4 though, because I want to head to the bank to get some money. It's my last day off of these three, so I want to get some sort of special supper, as well as I want to buy a game, or some sort of game-related accessory. I don't know what; I just feel like spending money :p

I did do a heck of a lot more on Okami a couple hours ago. I'm up to having to ride around on Orca to find the whirlpool that leads to the Dragon Domain (or whatever it's called). The Catcall Tower was creepy, in a good sort of way. It only made me more sure that I like cats though <3 Hearing the sad meowing from the cat at the top that you have to feed was really depressing ;_;


Lord knows I won't want anything to do with this when I wake up.