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Very Very Bad Oversight

Adam wanted to go to Zellers to get a new action replay (apparently he has an absolute need for infinite oil in Twilight Princess), so instead of going with them, I stayed at home, and got to messing with Wiisic a bit more. Not before deleting the favorite I had made for this page here, but before doing so, accidentally opening it. Then when Adam got home, I told him "Have fun trying to get back out of this", meaning Wiisic, and instead of just pressing the "Home" button, he hit "Back". Guess which page loaded up? :\

So when I got home, he told me "Interesting web logs you have there", to which I asked "What?", and he responded with "Your journals...". I don't know if he saw the URL, but otherwise, at very least, he'd have read something about the giant tail, and that I could really care less about - he'd find out sooner or later anyways. I don't think he could've possibly had time to read far enough back to find out the (really) important (and more or less private) stuff, and I can't picture him being too terribly perceptive about the color scheme, so whatever.

But otherwise, got up at 3:30, went to the bank, came back home, stuffed the money order and note into an envelope, addressed it and everything, waited a bit while they went to Zellers, then when they got back home, went to Shoppers to mail it, then it was on to Real Canadian Superstore from there. What a full day~ Don't have to work 'till 9 (thank God), but it's also only me, Mark, and Steve closing, but I suppose that could end up being rather fun, depending on what sort of mood Steve's in.

For now, it's time to play some more N or Phantasy Star Universe :3

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