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Acomdata Drive is Resilient :o

Accidentally dropped it on the floor just now, and aside from having to restart due to a problem with some drive management program that's included on it, it's still working fine :p Although before I go to bed tonight I'm definitely going to have to sync a couple folders on it with the other external drive that's up in my room. Take no chances~

Work was alright, with the exception of Steve, as usual. Highlights with him were "We need more people on nights", twice, and after not being able to hear what a customer was saying, and asking them to pull up to the window, "I'm not dealing with these fscking people... I asked them three times to stop talking all at once, and they wouldn't shut up..." Mark summed that up the best with a simple "Calm down Steve".

And there was also one strange thing about the night. Around 12:30, I asked Mark if I could run across the street to the bank to get some money, because I realized earlier that I do have enough to give Dad money for the internet as well, and the timing then was quite good. He agreed, so I ran across the street, withdrew $20, walked back, and upon walking back into the store, I felt absolutely exhausted, and the feeling stayed for the rest of the night.

As for tomorrow night, I'm on 9 - 5, with a whopping 6 other people. Minus Alec, seeing as he's still fairly new, but meh.

And had a bit of progress with that problem launching Phantasy Star Universe. The first time I tried loading it after mounting the ISO, it got to the Sega screen, then crashed again. So it's most obviously not a problem with the game, but instead something wrong with "GameGuard". What a surprise...

But instead of trying to fix that right now, I feel like playing Guitar Hero II~

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