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Might Still Work...

So Dad leaves for Indonesia on the 22nd. Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday, and as a suggestion, Mom said we might think of giving him $100 US to take along. "We" being me and Adam. I don't exactly like that idea, seeing at $100 is quite a bit of money, but it'd be awfully hypocritical of me to say "No" after I just sent off $320 for my giant tail :s But there's also the problem that right now, I have something like $4,040 in my account. I'd rather not go below 4. However, we get paid again the week he leaves, so I might just buy him a card (for I can certainly afford one of those :p), and write inside that he'll get his gift in a week. I'll still be going under 4000 for a day or two at most, but that's certainly more manageable.

Work at 9 tonight though, and like I already said, there's 6 other people there. Jess leaves at 3, and someone else leaves at 4, and after that, we still have 5 people to close :o If we aren't out of there almost right away (and the only exception I can see for that is doing extra prep), there's going to be problems.

Meh. More N for now.

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