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Just Disgusting

So Ange and Elischa were supposed to be the closing managers tonight, as I've said a couple times already.  Guess what?  Earl cancelled Elischa's shift (not too surprising), and Ange called in sick.  I doubt she really was, but it's not my place to say or not.  Feh.  Still for her to be so bossy, but yet to (seemingly) call in sick when she doesn't want to work.  Once again, purely a guess right now, but it's one of the more likely options...

Anyways, originally, they were planning on having Manoah act as the closing manager, but he declined, mostly because although he was going to be expected to do the paperwork and stuff, they'd still be paying as if he wasn't the manager.  Thus, Josh ended up having to close.  Bad for him, but good for the rest of us really, because he... actually knows what he's doing.

First part of the night was spent on line, then I took over drive through for a bit to show Alec what to do, then he went out to clean the dining room, and I stayed on it pretty much straight through 'till 2:10 or so.  With solid cars too :p  Then after that, Manoah took over it again, while I started frying, and then come 3:20, did a good sweep, planning to leave at 3:30, but ended up just staying straight through to close.  Meh.

I'm supposed to have tonight off, but Josh might be calling me in for a couple hours around 6, depending on whether he needs help over supper or not.  They have 4 closers (primarily so Alec will have some help on drive through), so should they even ask, I'm going to be quite infuriated.

Given that, I should probably try to get to bed as soon as possible though :s