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Some time ago Dad asked me if it was possible to set his laptop up to connect to the internet both while wired, and wirelessly (apparently that's not a word, but meh). Told him yes, and just earlier today I got around to setting it up for him. Unfortunately, he had some other program on there to deal with wireless connections, but the little wireless adapter for the program had gone missing, and yeah.

So half an hour later I realized the first time I went into the Services to turn on "Wireless Zero Configuration", I actually hadn't started the service, so did that, and it worked :p Quick run back into the house after to verify the WEP key, and they're (him and Mom) out on the porch right now. I suppose the next thing he'll find out is that having the wireless switch on drains the battery a bit faster than normally :\ Feh. His problem.

No call from Josh yet, but he could very well just be getting to work right now, so I don't know. Isn't it ironic? Any time someone calls me to see if I can come in and work, I get angry at them, but in a case such as this, where someone says they might need me to come in, I'm almost disappointed when they don't. Oh fun~

Adam's just waiting for someone else to get home from work before he goes on the 360 though, so I'd better get in some Guitar Hero II while I've got the chance :3

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