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Interesting Afternoon

Got up about 5, then did a couple things on my laptop (got an email from Michele asking when I'll be in this week, so I'm definitely going to be heading in there on Wednesday), then came downstairs. First thing Adam said was that Josh was coming over, to play Guitar Hero II. No sooner than I'd sat down, and he walked in the door. Played the game for a good 4 hours :o Mostly just so he could get some achievements (yay for being the only one that can actually do songs in Expert :3), then Dad got home, and I had to show him once again how to connect to the internet wirelessly. For some reason the service didn't start automatically, but I changed the option for that in the properties, so it should work now.

Of course, he's going to be rather surprised when he can't connect to the access point here while he's gone away :p Either I'll have to type up a little thing to show him what to do, or maybe there'll be someone there that can show him how to get it working.

Money stuff now. Specifically with getting paid next week. As usual, we'll assume I bring in $400. $100 US (so probably $110) will be going to Dad, for when he goes to Indonesia, then $50 (or maybe $60) for that thing I talked about in my previous entry, minus $40 for gas, and then another $10 to get my hair cut. So that'd be $210 gone right there. Ugh. And *maybe* $30 for going to 7-11 or whatever, on days off.

And now,

I was in some field walking around, when I looked down and noticed little animals running around me. Foxes, as I quickly realized :3 Then suddenly I was watching them on a TV, and looked down at the bottom of the screen, and saw some sort of advertisement. Specifically for what doesn't come to mind, although the words "living figurines" do. Looked at all of them, then came across one that was labeled as "snow leopard", that I thought was really cute, and that I really wanted to get. Then my alarm clock woke me up.

I have (almost) the whole night ahead of me now though, so it's time to run upstairs and put on a tail, then find something to eat~

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