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This Feels Weird

Strange being up this early :s And I don't know about this afternoon. Depending on how quickly I figure out what the problem was again, and then work out what I'm going to have to do to fix it, I might just tell Michele I'm only there 'till 3 or something (if only I could think of an excuse for saying so), because despite getting to bed earlier than normal last night, I really didn't after all, for reasons I'm not going into. Had one fun dream out of the whole night, but the rest was just... ugh. Depressing, almost.

So anyways, work at 8, same tomorrow, then two days off. Oh yay~ I'm starting to get more into Phantasy Star Universe though, so I'm looking forward to playing that some more.

... everything wants to update this morning :o I'm being bothered to install 6 updates for Vista right now (well, really just waiting to restart), plus some Apple Update thing opened as well, wanting me to download and install iTunes. No. I have not an iPod, so Windows Media Player and foobar2000 will do just fine for me :x

Meh. 20 minutes to go still. Time to play something else~