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Save for 41 "records" without amounts, the P2P receipting is now finished. Quite complicated to figure out at first, because although I had left a couple comments in some of the cells, indicating what the problem was and what needed to be done to fix it, they weren't as accurate as I'd figured, and yeah. An hour and a half, and two times going through the list to find certain receipt book numbers, I told Michele that it was all done, and she gave me three more books that had just come in,

And then I came home, and mostly played Phantasy Star Universe. Got up to fighting the three robots at (what I'm assuming is) the end of chapter 6 (I think), and I tried to use a Dimate (healing item), found out I'd run out of them, and then didn't have enough time to use a Monomate (another healing item) instead :\ Feh. Maybe I'll give it another try when I get home from work.

Found something else on another site that was rather angering at first, even though it's a rather silly and pointless thing to get angry about. Pity I can't find something to justify it with. Meh. I suppose at best, I'll soon have something on the list too which is better than nothing.

So anyways, don't know about going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, mostly because there'll be nothing to do. Michele said to either call her, or send her an email or something, so we'll have to see what she says.

Just waiting for 8:00 to roll around right now, but there's something upstairs that needs to be taken care of first~

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