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... how quickly things can change. Had a relatively good day to start (as I already mentioned), then later on in the afternoon, I noticed something, and things just went, well, completely downhill from there. I'm not even going to talk about the main "issue" because it's rather embarassing (and / or unflattering), but I do feel like going over the other things that are bothering me.

First one has to do with money (yeah, once again). It came to my attention yesterday (that being Tuesday) that I only had $2,000 (plus a couple cents) in my savings account. I'd really like to know now where I got the idea that I actually had 5, seeing as it doesn't make sense, but I can't think of anything. So anyways, yes, $2,000 is still a decent amount (as I see it), but it's just... less than I'd like. I'm thinking right now of saving (or at least doing my best to) my money, until I've got $5,000 in my bank account, then putting $1,000 of that into savings. It should be possible, and it'd definitely help alleviate this "Oh God I'm spending all my money" sort of feeling I've had for a while.

Second thing is / was work tonight, and in the past couple days as well. Actually, not really, seeing as I just had three days off. Mostly a couple weekend shifts a while back, as well as last night, as I already said. So tonight. When I left, I expected to the closing with Mark, and either Steve or Jess. I was only partly right. It was me, Michelle, Jess, and Ange there 'till 12, at which point Michelle went home. We ended up calling Alec in around 10, because it was really busy. Anyways, for some reason, the day (or supper) people had turned the main fryer off, so it could be cleaned. However, instead of taking initiative and cleaning it themselves, they left it for the night people. Me specifically. Apparently nobody else in the entire store knew how to change it. I can understand being hesitant had it just been turned off, because then it'd still be quite hot, but it'd been off for at least 5 hours. Closing with Ange wasn't nearly as bad as working with Mark though. At least she asked every so often if I was alright, and needed help on line.

As for the weekend shift a while back, the main problem was Jerome. I don't know what happened to put him in such a bad mood, but since the beginning of the night, he was quick to point out any and everything we were doing wrong. Having drinks up on line, for example, closely followed by constantly telling us we were taking too long making orders an whatnot. That was the night I got to leave at 12 instead of 3. According to Manoah though, he wasn't in a bad mood, but I really don't know.

Third (and final) thing for now has to do with my tail(s). They've been sitting on the chair in my room for at least a couple months. Everyone in this house has been in and out of my room at least once, and while I was in there too, and nothing's been said. Hell, I was wearing this one the other night, when I heard movement upstairs, so I tucked it away in a corner in the living room, just in time, because Adam came down the stairs. Let the cats out of their room, then walked right over to it, hunched down, and took a close(r) look. Said nothing. So either they just don't care, or they're too scared to ask questions (unlikely, but who knows?). One of these nights (probably when Dad goes to Indonesia) I'm just going to keep it on even if someone comes down. I'm sick and tired of constantly worrying about what they'll say. I've said it before, but once again, Adam's the only one who has any idea that I'm a furry, and if he starts giving me problems about it, I can simply say something about how he spent $70 on some thing for IMVU.

Oh, how badly I want to put those behind an LJ-cut, but then again, I have a theory that states it won't make much of a difference either way, so whatever. I've been getting far too caught up on only saying what I think people want to hear, and not just in here.

And yes, new layout~ Might change the colors tomorrow or something, but for now, it's a refreshing change. If you don't already have a font called "DokChampa" (I have it set for the entry text), you can either get it by following the directions here, or find the (not very well) hidden link in this entry :3

Don't have to be to work 'till 9 tonight, but I just plan on watching the rest of this movie, then going to bed. Need to run upstairs first though...

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