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Down Again

Before I went to bed this morning, I noticed Dad walking through the dining room carrying my fan. Said that he'd put his in my room for right now, and that he might be able to fix mine. Completely setting that aside, that'd actually be an amusingly convenient arrangement. He uses his fan while he's sleeping, and when he gets up, puts it in my room, so I can use it while I'm sleeping. Not too practical though :p

Just woke up, glanced down at my floor, and there the old one was. So that'll do for now, and possibly save me having to buy a new one when we get paid next.

Ugh. Mom will not stop bothering me about this. Apparently Josh called while I was asleep, to see if I could come in at 8 instead of 9. Yeah, what a surprise and everything. Should he call again, I probably will say "Yes", but I'm not going to bother otherwise. I just got up (no small fault of my own) at 6, and it's currently quarter-to. I have no intentions of just up and going to work early for whatever reason they deem necessary now. There's four closers on tonight (well, Steve leaves at three, so technically, well, three :3), and unless they really got killed, we shouldn't be too badly off.

Apparently my enter button is also broken on this page now (yay for "br" tags), so it's time to figure out why, then either mess with the colors for this new layout, or put some more music on my PSP~

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