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So Soon

It's only 6 in the morning and I'm already exhausted. Up in bed right now, so I could go to sleep anytime I want, but there was one thing I wanted to put in here first. I'll get to that in a bit though.

Not much for a day off today, aside from ordering pizza and getting one step closer to the source of all these annoyances lately (hint: part of it has something to do with not being the first - what specifically I'm not going to mention yet (that or a word that starts with j and ends with y, at 8 characters in length)). Didn't get asked to come in to work (for once), but whatever. Dad said something a bit earlier about how he might pick me up a fan from Zellers this morning, just so long as I pay him back, so I'll probably just go for that. I'm just as willing to go out and find one I want as he is to pay for it for me, so whatever. The one I'm using right now fell on the floor again way earlier on this afternoon, but I've got it set back up so it'll still work. I doubt it could take much more though :p

Can't wait for next week(end) though. Dad'll be gone (I still don't know how long for), and it's going to be an extremely refreshing change to not have to rely on them for any and everything. I'm looking forward to walking to (and possibly home from work), just as much as wearing one of my tails and not trying to hide it or whatever if someone comes downstairs. I was quite close to just walking into the living room this morning, and grabbing the one I'd hidden away in plain sight of Adam. I figured if he asked anything, I'd just say "I'm not explaining anything right now. I'm too tired", and then it'd be that much less awkward. And hopefully next time I commission something from SPark it's not going to be a tail :s Tentatively thinking of footpaws right now, but before anything, I want to save up enough to put $1,000 more into savings and still have 4 left in my account, so it'll probably be a little while 'till then :x

And meh. I think that's all for now. I've just sat here staring at this for a good 10 minutes doing nothing whatsoever, so it's definitely time for bed~

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