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Screwed Over Yet Again

As if I didn't have enough on my mind lately...

I want an explanation for what she did to me on the schedule. Originally I had yesterday and today off, and I obviously worked tonight, so it's too late to do anything about that. Then I was to close from Sunday to Tuesday, have Wednesday and Thursday off, then be closing again for another several days. Someone wrote in "9-3a" in my Thursday, meaning that I'm expected to work that night. Now, normally when any change to the schedule is made, the shift manager initials it to acknowledge that yes, they were aware of that, and the people affected by it had come to an agreement too.

The initials on what was written in for my Thursday? "smc". Barring the fact that it's a common file extension for SNES ROMs, they stand for "Shelia Marie Cadotte". Oh dear God what have I done ;_; I posted someone's full name on the internet :o Anyways...

I was never asked if I'd work on Thursday, so apparently they're just making my decisions for me now. Josh stands by that they called while I was sleeping or at Heart and Stroke or something, and whoever picked up the phone here said I'd work that night. Heh. Wrong. I've made it quite clear several times that if anyone from Taco Bell should phone, either a message is to be taken, or the phone is to be given to me. And that's setting aside the common sense that if someone asks if they can make a change to my schedule, it's nobody's place but mine to give them an answer.

And then Earl phoned later on in the night, and during the course of the conversation, Josh asked him if he knew anything about it, because I was pissed off ("PO'd", in his words). Earl's response was something along the lines of "Well tell him "sorry". We were probably getting busy and forgot to call him or something." Objection to that too, and I shouldn't even have to point it out. Where do they manage to get that I'd say "Yes", without even asking me? Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Like I told Josh, had they actually asked me, I'd probably have given it some consideration, but to just write it in without so much as a word is extremely infuriating. I can see the logic behind it, given that only Josh, Alec, and Steve would be closing that night otherwise, but that doesn't change my problem. I will see him (Josh) for about an hour tomorrow night though, so hopefully he'll be able to find out what exactly went on between now and then.

That aside, the only other interesting part of the night was that I had the phrase "pub.anneliate.crewl" stuck in my head most of the time. I figured out where "pedagogy" came from (an episode of Home Improvement), but I'm absolutely puzzled as to the latter :s "Crewl" is about the only part I can identify. It comes from one of the Geneforge games, where there's someone named "Battlemaster Crewl". Why that got stuck in my head when I haven't played the game in ages is another mystery in itself, and I'm not even going to bother trying to figure it out right now.

So otherwise, now I start into a nice long string of 9 days closing, with a single day off between the 4th and 5th day. Yeah, my next paycheck will be nice and big, but that's about the only good part :\ In tomorrow at 8, with Manoah and Mark, which is going to be fun, given Mark and Manoah's utter disdain for each other, but whatever. I do look forward to trying to prove to Manoah that he can indeed make it through a shift with the guy, and that he doesn't have to keep avoiding him, but I can't picture it doing any good. Also want to ask him exactly what he meant the other night as well. He started with the questions about "Crystal" again, and I could only stare at him with a look of "I thought you read the email" in my eyes, which just got them after me even more. I made it quite clear when I sent it to him that there was no such person, and the only reason I even said so was that the question caught me by surprise, and I couldn't think of a "safe" reason for saying no.

And one other planned thing for now. After some consideration, the main cause of my frustration recently. I figure even if it doesn't help alleviate the problem, it'll at least be good to know I've at least said something about it to someone besides myself (I hope). First of all, it's on the main page of SPark's site. The only item (currently) with an ETA of October. After a lot of thinking, I realized the main thing that filled me with such rage about it was that, when I read it, I instantly thought whoever commissioned it wanted it in the style of my fursona. Probably because I have only one full picture (which is where my userpic comes from), and although I haven't seen it posted to the internet anywhere in quite a while, I constantly worry that someone else has it too, and they've decided to adopt it as their fursona. Yes, it's honestly an incredibly inane thing to get caught up on and be so worried about, but no matter what I tried I just couldn't shake the feeling.

Is it natural to be so obsessed over such a thing? It sure doesn't seem like it, but I really don't know. And this is also where the "not being the first" thing comes in. I wanted to be the first one (since I found that site) to commission such a thing, but it's obvious how that turned out. Honestly, it's not like I could given my current living situation either. Yes, in a sense, I do have enough money, but I'm not going to spend anything below $4,000 unless I absolutely have no other choice, and also, tails? Seemed a bit risky at first, but now it seems like everyone in this house is fine with them. Footpaws, as I plan on commissioning eventually? Might be risking it there, but if anyone asks, they're just slippers. I've seen bear paw slippers and such in stores before, so it's not like such a thing would be too different. But an entire fursuit? Aside from that I'd hardly ever have a chance to wear it, questions would be asked. Questions that would be good for getting everything out in the open for once and for all, but that'd be about the only good part of them.

So what to you think? Pathetic? Some true points? A perfectly valid thing to be so worried about? Whatever. It's just nice to finally get it out in the open.

And one other completely off-topic thing for now. Finally realized what was being referenced in a certain episode of the Drew Carey Show. Kate gets everyone not-too-valuable gifts, because she's really low on money, and Drew gets them nice stuff, causing her to get angry and say something about "I had to buy cheese with a Z. Did I just say that out loud? Hug!". I *believe* the "cheese with a Z" bit is referring to cheez whiz. I feel so proud of myself now :3

Also got that new fan put together and set up successfully. Whoever was responsible for making the assembly directions must've thought they were funny, because it's the first time I've seen the words "fan" and "flange" together in the same sentence :p Speaking of which, I really should go downstairs and check if my laundry's done being washed yet. I know that doesn't really connect, but my laundry hamper is right next to my fan, and I'd tossed my uniform into it upon getting home from work, and you figure out the rest~ I've got to go put my stuff in the dryer.

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