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One Night Down

Hardly busy at all, and pretty much everything was done when I walked in at 8, so yeah. An enjoyable night altogether. The next two though... closers are me, Ange, Michelle, and Jess. As Mark so eloquently put it, Jess and Ange are good workers on their own, but together they get nothing done. He also had a couple interesting stories to tell about them, that I may or may not write about tomorrow, depending on whether I can remember them or not :p The way I see the next two nights is like this though. Monday, (when I'd much rather be at home, for reasons I've gone over before), it shouldn't be too busy, and Mark is there 'till 10, so some things should get done, but after that, I can't picture very much happening, especially seeing as it'll be Michelle's first close :\ The order also comes tomorrow morning, and I wouldn't be surprised if we're still there when it does.

Tuesday will probably be a bit busier, but otherwise, about the same as Monday, except without having to worry about the order.

Didn't find anything out about what's going on involving Thursday on the schedule yet, but from what Steve said, they do have the right to make changes to the schedule or whatever, and not give any notification as long as it's *not* up to 24 hours before the day and time in question. At first when I heard that I thought "Well that's it then", but thinking about it a bit more, why did Earl then say last night that they probably meant to call me but didn't get a chance to? I do have to give him that it was late at night, and he probably didn't think of it at the time or something, but still, it doesn't add up.

Have to be up at 12:20 to go to the bank and get my hair cut though, and I do need to have a shower and shave beforehand, so I might as well head upstairs and get that done and over with right now...