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Two More Things

So I've just been looking at the selection of extension cords available at staples.ca, and I came across this one. Does anyone else see the problem? Apparently we can't count now :s There is a chance I might not need to buy one though, because I do have a power bar (or whatever the name is) in my room, underneath my bed, with at least one plug free. Depending on how far the cord to my new fan stretches, I just may be able to move it closer to my bed, and then run the cord down and underneath. Then simply tape the rest down afterwards or something so nobody trips over it. But like I already said, the cheapest ones are ~$5 a piece, and that's quite alright.

Second thing is with this. I'm not even going to bother pointing out all the problems with it. The first time I saw the thing, I figured "Okay, maybe "danceing" was intentional", but given the rest of the spelling mistakes, I highly doubt it. And then one other oddity. It's an advertisement on a furry-themed site, so why does it specifically state "Professional Mascot Maker"? Sure, when it comes down to it, both fursuits and mascot suits can be considered the same thing, but they're going to be used more or less for entirely different purposes, so at very least, they should've edited it to say "Professional Fursuit / Mascot Maker". Or maybe I'm just being entirely too fussy. And also: what does a dragon head have to do with "Danceing Wolf"? I do fully realize that the quality of work whomever is behind that produces could by far make up for the spelling mistakes and whatnot, but to just pass by and happen to see it makes it look really unprofessional.

Now it's about time I got my things ready for work, because I have to walk there. Meh. As long as it's not too hot outside, I should be alright.

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