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One Thing Taken Care Of

Despite the fact that Paypal's down right now for "weekly maintenance", I've received an email stating the following:

"The electronic funds transfer from your bank account to your PayPal account for the amount of $2.00 CAD has been completed. The funds are now reflected in your PayPal account balance."

So good. $2.00 isn't alot, yes, but at least things should be alot more convenient now that I don't have to worry about sending money orders out :p No email from SPark yet though, but I simply keep telling myself "maybe tomorrow".

Work was decent, aside from the couple times I couldn't help thinking "Oh how I want to be at the furmeet", but feh. Michelle never showed up though (apparently she was sick), which was one of the worse parts of the night. Another one was that Mark got called, and asked to go close in Windsor, of all places :s Apparently *all* their managers called in sick (very very very slim coincidence, perhaps?), so yeah. I do look forward to asking him what it was like next time I see him though.

That aside, it wasn't terribly busy either, but something was wrong with each and every single headset battery, so a sign was posted on the menu board instructing customers to drive up to the window. Feh. I ended up closing the dining room though, and after that, was put on line so Ange could get her stuff done. Aside from frying some cinnamon twists and helping Jess with the dishes, she didn't do a whole lot :\

Back tomorrow with the same crew, as I already said in a previous entry, and hopefully Michelle actually shows up, because although she doesn't yet know how to close, the extra help will really be nice.

And one other thing about work. All of Alec's shifts have now been scratched out. I didn't have the nerve to ask "Do you know what's going on with Alec?", but I have two guesses. Either he quit, or they're doing the same thing they did with me after I didn't take very well to closing multiple nights in a row as soon as I started working there - give him one shift a week, and as soon as he's proven that he can handle that, bump him up to two, and so on. Unfortunately, that's alot less likely than him having just quit, but you never know...

But for now, it's time to send Michele an email to see if she wants me to come in this Wednesday, then off upstairs to put on a tail, then back down here to see if there's anything to eat. All I had at work was a nacho bell with only beef, nacho cheese, and sour cream on it (and that was at ~7:30), so I'm rather hungry now~

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