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So... Hot...

I hate to say it, but this fan just isn't cutting it, and it's at the highest speed it can go :\ Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me think of a place outside of Staples and Walmart that might have others. Well, there is that place sort of over by 7-11 on St. Clair St, but looking in the window of the building before, it looked like they only had ceiling fans, and that's not what I'm after. Ugh. I suppose one alternative would be to simply move the tails that are in my chair somewhere else for the time being, then just lay in that, but I find it incredibly difficult to fall asleep standing up.

Well, there's that, and also I could try either sleeping downstairs in the living room or something, or in the basement, but even when I slept in the living room a couple times last summer, I couldn't actually fall asleep until I came back up here to my room :x

Feh. So it's time to try just getting comfortable in my chair for now, and if that doesn't do anything, then hopefully I can think of somewhere else that'd sell more... powerful fans. This one I have here is alright downstairs or whatever, but it's absolutely pathetic up here.