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What Have We Here?

Adam just finished up on the computer, but one of the things he told me before he got off it was "Hang on. I'm just copying this." As much as I try not to pry into peoples' personal lives (in hopes they'll do the same for me :x), I just opened up notepad, and hit "Paste". I won't go into exactly what he typed, but the more interesting part is something about "dont want to see u get hurt".

He couldn't possibly be talking about Rob, and the only other person I've seen him talking to regularly has been some "hellokitty3000" on IMVU. And wow. Josh seriously needs a new password. Just went and checked Adam's (or "marioman83"'s) and that other person's page, to see if I could find out what was going on, and after clicking another link, got asked to log in. The username "xxJmastAxx" was already filled in, so I tried an old password of his that he let slip quite a long time ago, and it worked :p Tip: don't use a word that can be found in the dictionary.

And yeah. Adam just came back down here, asked to use the computer one more time, and I let him. Typed up a rather lengthly email, but not before asking me to not read it, and turning the monitor to make sure that I couldn't. Something's definitely going on. For some reason though, the feeling I've gotten from it so far is pretty much how I felt back when I just created my LJ here. I had been talking to Kari on and off, about both his problems and mine, but after realizing I just didn't fit into their whole way of thinking and such (read: otherkin), couldn't help but feel that I wasn't able to help him more, and that he'd be better off not talking to me. That's long past though, but the same thing sort of applies in this current situation. Both Adam and this other person (I believe her name is Renee) are heavily into vampires and such (and the whole goth thing too, but on a slightly lesser scale), and yeah. We'll have to see what happens in the coming days, I suppose.

So, on the lighter side of things right now, a bit of stuff to talk about.

1) The money order I sent to SPark got there exactly when I expected it to (Monday). She just forgot to send me an email saying so, but I now know that the fur has (hopefully) been ordered, and she'll be sewing within the next couple weeks.

2) I got paid significantly more than I thought I would. Close to $840. Of course, the extra ~$400 is from vacation pay, but it's still more money :p Unfortunately, by the time I subtract everything that's required to put me back up at $4,000, paying for gas, the fan Dad got me, and so on, it'll be closer to $540 going into my bank account, but that's still awesome. Now if only I can stick to this whole "Yeah, I could go out and get something to eat, but there's plenty around here / I can always have something to eat at work" attitude. Time will tell~

3) Dad didn't leave yesterday (Wednesday). Well, he left for work, but that's about it. Apparently today is when he's going, so yeah. I'm not quite sure how it's going to work, seeing as we're going grocery shopping at ~4, and I'm sure at least Mom would want to be there to see him off, but we'll have to see about that as well.

4) Last night was terrible, in a curious sort of way. From what Jess told me, Mike's said something about her and Mark not to be working on the same shifts together, which makes me wonder what happened :\ Of course, like everything else that's even slightly gossip worthy at that place, I won't be able to find out for the life of me, without eavesdropping. Second thing: sand flies are back. I absolutely hate the things. Sure, for the most part they just cling to pretty much any given surface, but the sheer amount of them is just disgusting. Last summer, they were coating the walkway leading out to the cardboard bin so badly it couldn't even be sat on. And the last thing: the alarm is quite loud :s It was really for the best though, because the fry dump never got turned off, and I forgot my drink in the back.

Before I forget, Josh called me earlier tonight as well. Wanted to know if I wanted to go to his house for the night. Told him "I dunno. I still have to find out if I have to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, but I'll call you back when I do", but I never did :\ I would've said yes, if it wasn't my only day off in this nice long string of 9 days working, but... feh. I'm sure I'll hear about it tomorrow night.

But anyways, it's 6:00. I should probably be getting to bed sometime soon :3

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