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Is it Happening Again?

Surely not, is what I thought at first, but seriously, in the past couple of days, I've been contacting people, and visiting several places that I haven't so much as thought about in over a year. I haven't yet worked up the nerve to read the reply to an email I sent someone, but seriously, as I was getting picked up from Heart and Stroke today, I sat down in the van, looked up into the sky, and felt something I haven't pretty much since I wrote my first entry in here. I started wondering about "how's Kari going to be doing today?", and "I can't believe this his happening to me", among other things. Back when I was depressed about DR (God does it ever feel weird typing that), and other such things involving it. Could it all be happening again? It's quite possible, with what's going on at work...

Hell, bring it on. I've missed the feeling of "there's nowhere to go but up". Sure, it's probably not exactly healthy, but it was a unique experience, and it'd be interesting to take another run through it.

Meh. Anyways, I've got to be in for a 9-3 shift tonight, which is going to suck. See, Kevin's there 'till 12, so he's likely the dining room closer, and after that, it's me, Ange, and Jerome to close. I could almost give it to you in writing that I'll be on drive through tonight. Apparently it's Jerome's first close though, and if that's true, it'll make things even more interesting. Ange will no doubt have to help him with counts and stuff, so that leaves me to have to take down line and do all the dishes from it as well. FFS. Who knows though. They might call Lisa in, as I know she's come in a number of times before to close. She's sort of in the same position I was when I started working there: not having very many scheduled shifts, and getting called in all the time. We'll have to wait and see though...

Anyways, I'm off to play Okami, as I've still got 5 hours before I have to be at work, and that's more than enough :p