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Didn't Even Say Goodbye :p

According to Mom, Dad should be at the airport by now, and be right in the middle of some three hour wait to get on their plane :s Didn't quite go like I expected, seeing as I saw him once around 4 in the morning, then again at ~6:30 when I was going to bed, but other than that, no big thing where all of us said goodbye at once or anything, but meh. Mom's got her work cut out for her now, mainly with being the one who will have to pick me / us up from work, but earlier on I told her we might just walk home if it can at all be helped, because she usually doesn't take very well to getting up so early in the morning :p

If anyone raises a fuss, I just plan on saying "There's nothing that can be done. I plan on walking home, and if you guys want to call a cab for yourselves or whatever, that's your own choice."

So anyways, just getting back from getting groceries, where I realized I forgot to get money for the fan, but whatever. Had a bit of a scare at the bank, where I printed off a little slip of all my recent withdrawls and the like, and didn't quite read the balance at the bottom properly. It's currently something like $4,600, but I read it as a 3 instead of a 4 :x I didn't bother to check if it took into account the $80 I'm trying to transfer to my PayPal account right now, but I can always just run to the bank across from Taco Bell and take care of things there sometime tonight.

And also, should the fan I have right now not hold up when it starts getting warmer out, I have an alternative. Real Canadian Superstore had several 20" box fans sitting out in the big entry area (where all the carts are), for something like $37, so I could just get one of those. And then, to ensure the other fan doesn't go to waste, just move it down here, because the only one in this room is a ceiling fan that moves so much on the highest speed that it looks like it's going to fall right out of the ceiling :3

Anyways, I'm sure it's almost supper time now, but until then, I'm going to play Guitar Hero II.

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