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Spot the glaring problem, and win absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of being able to laugh at whoever made that.

Just noticed it after logging out of Adam's email account. Sent a reply back about the problem report I sent earlier tonight, involving all his emails (save for two) being mysteriously deleted. He was just chatting with someone on IMVU, then got an email saying something about earning free credits for talking to someone for the first time, when it was hardly the first time he (or anyone else) had talked to that person. He logged into his account, and his ~850 unread messages (yeah :x) had just disappeared.

The nice form letter sent in reply would have me believe it's because he didn't sign into his account in 30 days, which, although it's quite unlikely, is still a possibility. I just can't picture him having gone for 30 days without logging into it.

And for what it's worth, the two messages that were left detailed his account information for some "SuperCheats" site, and the message he'd received from IMVU. Strange things. Not a terrible loss, considering probably 70% of the messages were from Newgrounds, but still weird.

But as for work, I do love getting screwed over. As I said in one of my previous entries, I was supposed to be done at 3. Someone changed the handwashing sheet to read "9-4a". Once again, it wouldn't have been a problem had they asked me, but when they just make such decisions without giving me any warning first, it's irritating. I know it was Josh's fault this time, because he said something about how he was pretty sure I'd say "yes". Then I overheard him and Shelia arguing while I was rotating stock in the walk in, presumably about how I was put on the schedule to work tonight without so much as being told as well, and from what Shelia said, she had meant for me to be on there for that night, but didn't put me in for whatever. I suppose it's the same thing that's going on Sunday now. Apparently I work 9 - 5 in the morning, all on my own :3 Whatever will I do~

And I was confronted by Shelia about when I'm going to be over at their house and such. I couldn't remember the date for the life of me, but I took a guess and said the 14th, which is apparently right. I have to go there twice a day, so I figure probably at 10 and 8 or something. I'm to feed them, let them run around in the back yard, and pet them and so on, which isn't a whole lot to ask. The only thing I'm going to have to clarify with her is where their food can be found, and where each of their dishes go. I know she said something about the opened food being in the top right corner of the fridge (I think), and the unopened food is on the stairs, and also how the fat dog is to get the diet food. Not an exact quote, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to remember for me :p Finally, the price. From what she said, to board them at a kennel, it'd cost $100, so she asked me if that was alright. I said sure, because it was quite a bit higher than I expected, so whatever. She'll be paying me before they leave, so one way or another, I'll be able to clarify / go over / write down everything one more time before they do actually leave. That's about my biggest concern right now.

Anyways, walked home with Josh, and he never once said a word about last night, so whatever. Back tomorrow night, 9 - 5, with Josh, Manoah, Steve, and surprisingly enough, Mark. Looking forward to it, for reasons I'll most likely detail tomorrow.

For now, Mom made up more of those strawberry shortcake things earlier tonight, and I want to have some before they're all gone :x

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