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Really Pathetic

I've been trying to download Mr. Bean's Holiday for the past couple weeks now, and the torrent I was using stayed at a pretty much consistent ETA of ~8 weeks, when it was being seeded, which wasn't very often. Got tired of waiting last night, so I searched around with Google, and in less than 10 minutes, found another one that had finished downloading before I went to bed.

The only problem is the drive I was using to transfer that sort of stuff between my laptop and the other computer isn't working anymore. I can plug it in, wait a few minutes, and then get a message saying something about Windows not being able to recognize the drive, then some other bit about what I could do to fix it, but short of plugging it into one of the USB ports on the back of the computer instead of into the USB hub, I can't picture anything helping. I still have my card reader and unused (as of right now) 2GB memory stick, so that'll do for now.

Mom's just gone to pick up Adam, so hopefully when he gets back, we can see if anything else was sent back regarding his missing emails. I honestly expect nothing more than another form letter saying that they were lost, and that to avoid such problems in the future, his account should be logged into at least once every 30 days. Asked him if he had done that when he came downstairs this morning, and he said yes, so the problem is either some weird conflict with Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, and IMVU, or it's just confined to Hotmail alone. The other message he had in his inbox (the one from SuperCheats) was really out of place though. That's about the only other problem. Unless of course he used some sort of account information recovery thing on the site, but even after that, why would that email have been left untouched too? Windows Live Messenger only reported one new message being received, which was the one from IMVU, so yeah :\

And heh. New image. I wonder if they noticed themselves, or...?

More fchan fun here too. Why is it that the people you actually want answers from never post again? Whoever "JustinWerewolf" is, he really needs to come back and answer my questions ;_;

Meh. Guitar Hero II time.

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